This beautiful new design is the result of a year’s worth of collaboration with a wonderful team of landscape architects. They are Cheryl Corson and Kathryn Pacious, a local Alexandria landscape architect who also happens to be a SLDS parent.

The new playground will address issues of drainage that have kept our active children inside longer than necessary during rainy spells, as well as improve the layout and access, update equipment, and provide new spaces for shaded play and increased outdoor fun and learning.

Some of the play elements could not be afforded in the structural design.  We are still working to add play elements such as a climbing wall, outside easels and climbing stumps.

Please donate to the SLDS Playground Fund here
or send donations to:
Playground Fund
c/o St. Lukes Day School
8009 Fort Hunt Road
Alexandria VA 22308

Thank you to our SLDS families and community, for the generous financial support that has brought us to this point!