Director: Anne Marie Coggins
Assistant Director: Jennifer Gough
Office Administrators: Jen Price
Bookkeeper: Carol Higbee

Toucan Twos class – MWF: Lisa Shoemaker and Liz McNulty
Toucan Twos class – T/Th: Lisa Shoemaker and Margaret Clare
Hippo Threes class: Julie Halladay and Amanda Gundersen
Giraffe Threes class: Trish Herrera and Tommy Halladay
Cheetah Pre-K class: Gina Maley and Luca Halladay
Monkey Pre-K class: Jennifer Gough and Leah DiFolco
Elephant Kindergarten class: Charity SeGraves and Colleen Mortimer
Lion JK (afternoon) class: Charity SeGraves, Gina Maley, Amanda Gundersen, Luca Halladay, Tommy Halladay and David Gough

Enrichment Teachers:
Creative Movement: Gennifer Defilippo

Afternoon Programs: Lisa Shoemaker, Leah DiFolco, Liz McNulty and David Gough