Play Each Day is designed for families with more consistent extended care needs. Parents sign up at the beginning of each semester and lock in the rate (i.e., September– December, January–May). Play Each Day guarantees availability, combines payments into one monthly sum, and creates a savings over the daily sign up cost.

Play Each Day monthly rates:

5 day tuition + 2 afternoons: $750
5 day tuition + 3 afternoons: $885
5 day tuition+ 5 afternoons: $1095

Stay and Play is designed for families with occasional extended care needs; parents sign children up on an as-needed basis outside the main office, with 24 hours’ notice. Fees are billed at the end of each month, and only for time used. Stay and Play Daily rates: $10 per hour or any part of the hour.            **Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program is currently not available.

Enrichment’s: A different enrichment class is offered each day.  If your child stays for an enrichment class, please send a lunch as they will attend Lunch Bunch from 12-12:30 pm. There is a $10 fee for each Lunch Bunch session that your child attends prior to their enrichment class; you will be invoiced for Lunch Bunch sessions at the end of each

Enrichment offerings for 2021 Winter/Spring Sessions
Stop by the office for session fees and sign up sheets.


EXCITE SOCCER 12:30-1:15 pm (Session begins January 25th) Fee: $225
*Open to all students, including 2 year olds!* Participants will learn individual skills, teamwork, and most importantly – have fun! Emphasis is on mastering basic coordination & agility with and without a soccer ball, and providing a confidence-building environment.


SUPER HEROES 12:30-1:15 pm (Begins January 12th) Fee: $225

*Open to PreK, JK & K students only* Shazam! We have super hero training right here at St. Luke’s! Super Heroes will climb, jump, crawl, leap and run while they find their own powers, cooperate like the Superfriends and work to solve mysteries! This is a physical class that is designed for both boys and girls; session runs through May.


GYMNASTICS 12:30-1:15 pm (Begins January 13th) Fee: $225

*Open to PreK, JK & K students only* This class is an introduction to gymnastics skills. While working on the fundamentals, students will use equipment scaled to their size and be supervised at all times to ensure safety. Children will challenge their balance and coordination while building strength and flexibility.


EXCITE SOCCER 12:30-1:15 pm (Session begins January 28th) Fee: $225
*Open to PreK, JK & K students only* See description above



 Please watch your email for a 2’s and 3’s Super Heroes/Gymnastics class coming in March!