MovementSt. Luke’s Day School, a central mission of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, was established in 1958.  It is operated under the supervision and control of the Director of the Day school, Anne Marie Coggins, the St. Luke’s Day School Board of Trustees, and the Vestry and the Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Our program, with various learning activities and playtime, prepares the children to recognize and use their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks.  We base our curriculum on an initiative developed by the Virginia Department of Education called Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.

Look often into our busy, noisy, creative classrooms and see your child at work and play.  Play is an important part of learning and creates the appropriate skill level for optimum learning to be achieved.  Above all we, give them time to grow; time and room to explore; to experiment; and to discover.  We offer them time to play… time to be a child.